CoachFace® Fantasy Sports
CoachFace® Fantasy Sports brings well-deserved attention to: Coaches Through a fun, interactive competition. CoachFace® Fantasy Sports is fundamentally similar to all fantasy sports games; however, CoachFace® players compete against each other with real, active professional coaches instead of players. In addition, CoachFace® uses entertaining avatar characters to bring the coaches to life. CoachFace® Fantasy Sports players are able to strategically build and customize their virtual team of coaches by drafting, trading, adding, dropping, and changing their roster to gain the best chance of winning their league and receiving a cash prize.

CoachFace® Fantasy Coach Competition
CoachFace® Fantasy Sports’ main competitions are the head-to-head team rivalry matches. In the head-to-head league competition, players compete with their virtual team of coaches once-a-week against other CoachFace® Fantasy Sports players. The winner of the head-to-head matches will be the player whose team receives the most points at the end of the game. At the end of the season, the team with the highest amount of points will win the league, receive a prize, and have bragging rights until the next season. If you decide to join a paid league, the winner of that league will get a cash prize, which includes a percentage of the league buy-in.

CoachFace® Performance Measures
Within CoachFace® Fantasy Sports, the coaches on each team are measured by how well their players perform in an actual game play-by-play. The statistics the players generate during each game will have a direct correlation on how many fantasy points are awarded to each coach.

  • The better the offensive players perform, the more points the head coach and offensive coaches will receive.
  • The better the defensive players perform, the more points the head coach and the defensive coaches will receive.