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Sports Data

One of the fastest-growing sports data providers in the U.S, SportsData captures live play-by-play data and delivers it in real-time to companies in media, technology and fantasy sports. Its clients include Google, Bleacher Report, Facebook, Twitter and the Pac-12 Conference. SportsData drives innovation in sports by providing products that grow its customers’ businesses, maintaining the highest standards in product quality, customer service and business practices.

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JustSync’s unique audio technology transmits streaming muted TV audio directly to mobile devices through an easy-to-use mobile application. With JustSync, businesses can provide a more enjoyable, positive experience for their customers by giving them personal access to TVs in their establishments. The JustSync system connects to Wi-Fi in the establishment, and customers receive the audio signal through the JustSync app on their mobile device. 
JustSync is a product of Macate Systems, Inc., a company providing professional software and application development services for business. Macate Systems, Inc. brings a high level of creativity and strategic skill to every project, delivering quality results.

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I.D. Coach

ID COACH creates cutting edge sports technology using encrypted wireless communication, eliminating the use of hand signals or headsets during football games. Our sports technology ensures the highest level of confidence and privacy in delivering messages from coaches to players, using a military grade encryption wireless link. This technology will soon become part of other sports such as Baseball, Soccer and Basketball, among others.

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